Since their introduction some decades ago, phosphonates have found multiple industrial applications, besides the original use as water treatment chemicals. Even today, new or modified uses are developed which clearly demonstrate the phosphonate’s image as a multifunctional chemical tool for processes and problems associated with a variety of industrial water uses. 

A particular trait of the phosphonates (or phosphonic acids) is the existence of at least one functional group –PO3H2, attached to a carbon atom, within the organic molecule. The potential number of phosphonic acid groups depends on the chemical structure of the starting materials for the reaction. Despite those possible variations, phosphonates possess the following extraordinary intrinsic properties:

  • High stability in aqueous systems :

                            - Over the entire pH range. 
                            - At high temperatures. 
                            - At high pressures. 

  • High negative charge density (poly electrolyte properties) 
  • Many functional groups for metal chelation. 
  • Good solubility in aqueous systems. 
  • Good compatibility with other components in formulations.




Our SEQÜEST® and SOLCATIO®, products are manufactured in modern production units, considering technical safety and environmental protection.


All our raw materials are checked prior to further processing. Finished SEQÜEST®, SOLCATIO® phosphonates are released for sale after passing an exhaustive product analysis according to the product specifications, using highly sophisticated analytical techniques and exact test procedures. These procedures are provided to customers upon request.



Competence in Phosphonates 


Research & Development, technical applications and communication are essential parts of our business. It is our intention to answer your product specific, application-oriented, or safety and environmentally related questions within the shortest time, possible. We rely on our experienced and motivated staff of chemists, engineers, and skilled workers as well as on our state-of the-art equipped laboratories and comprehensive collections of data and literature.  

For this purpose, we use among others:

  • High level automated methods of technical examinations 
                                (Dynamic scale loop test) 
  • Special synthetic and isolation procedures 
                                (lab pilot plant, laboratory spray dryer) 
  • PC supported systems for titrations 
                                (potentiometric, conductometric, photometric, a. o.)
  • Special devices for instrumental analysis 
                                (capillary electrophoresis, ion chromatography) 

Our products and techniques clearly demonstrate our commitment to combine innovation and tradition. 


Take your benefit from it! 




PRODUCTES QUÍMICS DE SÍNTESI® manufactures a wide range of Organophosphates from the typical properties of standard grades to the phosphonates modified, under the name of SEQÜEST® and SOLCATIO®  phosphonates has unique properties and these, when used alone or in combinations offer solutions to many water related problems in various industries.


SEQÜEST® and SOLCATIO®phosphonates exhibit multifunctional properties like sequestration, threshold inhibition of metal ions and deflocculation. In conjunction with their excellent hydrolytic stability these properties make phosphonates superior to other sequestering agents in cost effectiveness and performance.